Myths about afro hair

1. Don't wash your hair often 

A lot of people believe that natural hair should not be washed frequently. But as you wash yourself, you should wash your hair, even you have locks. You should wash your hair at least once a week.  It's about keeping your scalp and hair clean, more importantly.

2. Natural hair does not look professional

Locks and natural hair have been frowned upon in the past, as people did not know how to make them look presentable and well groomed.  But you can style your locks or natural hair so that it is neat and elegant. So go for it!

3. Natural hair is unmanageable

This is not true at all.  You need to learn about your own hair and be trained to look after it properly.  Learn your own hair texture and find out how to manage it as you would any thing else in your life.  It is a labour of love and needs time and focus!