My natural afro-hair journey

Gillian McKenzie explains the beginning of her own natural hair journey.

Hello & Welcome to Natural I Am, I would like to share with you my passion for keeping your coily, kinky, curly, wavey hair in it's Natural form!

As a child I had to learn very early on to comb my own hair and thanks to my Auntie Margaret, who taught me how to Plait & Corn row, I have managed my own natural hair. Of course I went through the stages of using the dreaded Hair Relaxing & Curly Perms but the chemicals really didn't agree with my scalp.

So, in 2002, I decided to return to my natural hair and in December 2003, I happily had Sisterlocks installed & I've never looked back!In 2004 I took a Natural Hair Course in a place called Adornment, Brixton, London and learnt more about Traditional Locks & our Natural hair.

So, here I am in 2017 ready to help others with their Natural Hair Journey, inspired by my own journey, people around me and God, who keep on whispering in my ears to share my knowledge with others.Please look inside & read the information that will be related to your own Natural Hair Journey.

Our Consultation is the first step to you learning to manage your own Natural Curly, coily, kinky, beautiful Hair.We will have a chat about, different types of Hair Care management, Hair Care systems (Traditional Locks or Sisterlocks) or just start you off, like I did all those years ago by learning how to Wash your hair without knots, No combing, Plaits or simple Two Strand Twist & more...... Give me a call and lets chat about our God given, Natural Hair!